Dixie State University

Awards & Recognition

The staff at Dixie State University are exceptional employees who understand the value of education and student success. They work hard and care about each and every student. Many staff members go above and beyond their role for the success of their departments, the students, and the university. We want to recognize these staff members for their dedication and service. Thank you!



Staff Members of the Year

Staff Association Board Member

Award Recipients

Employees of the Semester/Year

Year Employees of
the Year
Employees of
the Semester Fall
Employees of
the Semester Spring
2018-2019 Ali Threet & Chandler Whitlock Brooks Burr & Randy Hunt Carlene Holm & Leslie Twitchell
2017-2018 Jessica Davis & Kim Seaich  Corey Reeves & Katie Bornstein Deb Millet & Pamela Cantrell
2016-2017  Dave Mortensen & Chris Alverson  Megan Church & Steven Roberts  Laura Hogan & Travis Rosenberg
2015-2016 Jaclyn Kerouac & Michele Tisdale Ginger Alldredge & Larry Esplin Greg Esplin
2014-2015 Terry Bell & Jill Fiske Katie Kamachi & Brenda VanValkenberg Jordan Sharp & Max Theobald
2013-2014 Jon Gibb & Sylvia Bradshaw  Tyese Gray  Stella Callagee
2012-2013 Dana Kelvington & Dave Mortensen  Jan Maxfield  Telauna Byamugisha & Francine Larger
2011-2012 Jackie Freeman & Corey Reeves  Will Powell  Bart Gines
2010-2011 Jonathan Morrell, Bob Reed, & Donna Strafford  Fred Thomas Shelley Stephens
2009-2010 Todd Crum & Sue Perschon  Kim Seaich Joan Smith
2008-2009 Marilyn Lamoreaux & James Miller  Christy Jensen  Chris Alverson
2007-2008 Sheila Cannon & Stan Everett  Jean Miller  Beverly Goodrich
2006-2007 Stella Callagee & Peggy Leavitt Shelley Stephens  Sharon James & Shelley Stephens
2005-2006 Terry Bell & Chris Taylor  Nelda Kissinger & Doyle Robinson  Bonnie Andrus & Claudia West