Ballot – SA Board Nominees 2018 – 2019

President Elect: Anilee Bundy, Chris Gifford, Sylvia Bradshaw
Board member: Alesha Allen, Allen Fox, Arlene Sewell, Bev Clark, Brookanna Alford, Cameron Draper, Cheryl Brandt, Debi Roth-Carrillo, Emily Sharp, Jeff Earl, Jessica White, Leslie Twitchell, Matt Doxey, Rachel Harris, Sheila Cannon, Spencer Chatland, Tyson Pulsipher, Sheila Woodden
Communications Officer: Candi Pierce, Doug Sainsbury, Tiffany Draper
Treasurer: Lisa Howard, Misty Frisbey, Roberta Cole

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Nominees Biographies

President-Elect (3 year term) – Serving 1 year as President Elect, 1 year as President, and 1 year as Past President. The President will direct the Executive Board and conduct the meetings, act as chief SA spokesperson to the President of Dixie State University, serve as a voting member of the University Council, and represent the Association before the public. Vote for one.

Anilee Bundy

I am excited to have been nominated to serve as the President Elect on the Staff Association. I was born and raised in St. George and received my Associates Degree from Dixie before transferring to the University of Utah to continue my education. My love for Dixie runs deep and I always wanted to come home and work where my college career first started. I’m living proof that dreams do come true! I have been working at Dixie since the Spring of 2016, when I was hired as the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, and hope to be here for years to come! I thrive when I am involved and have the opportunity to work toward making things better. I strive to live the Dixie motto of “Active Learning. Active Life” by staying active in my personal life and continually working to learn and become a better person.

As President Elect of the Staff Association I would be excited to get to know many more of the amazing staff members on campus and to work with those who are committed to keeping Dixie great! Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to another great year at Dixie!

Chris Gifford

Having served two terms as a board member of the staff association previously, I’m very familiar with how the association works, functions, and can benefit all of us across campus. I bring a unique skill set consisting of diplomacy, charisma, and persistence to the Staff Association and have the personality to work closely with students to administrators to get things done. I was named Utah Advisor of the Year by the Utah Advising Association for 2015-16 and attribute my advising success to the fantastic colleagues and students I’ve worked with over the years and now utilize these same strengths and abilities as the Director of the Hurricane Education Center. I will bring these same talents, commitment, and enthusiasm to this position and continue the great work that has been done by my predecessors. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I’m at my best when I’m actively engaged in service, and I enthusiastically look forward to the challenges and opportunities this position will offer. I am Chris Gifford, and I am at your service.

Sylvia Bradshaw

Howdy, friends! It’s another great day here in our Dixie paradise!

I am honored by the nomination to serve on the DSU Staff Association. To give a little history, I was elected to serve as the DSU Classified Staff President during the 2014-2015 year, yet I had to step down in September due to the acceptance of my current position – which is an exempt position. Once I stepped down at the institutional level, I was elected to serve as the UHESA (state level) Pres. Elect/President/Past President from 2014-2017. While I have served on both the Classified and Exempt Staff Association boards here at DSU, I would love the opportunity to now serve as Pres. Elect of our newly combined association and “finish what I started” back in 2014. During my previous service, I chaired the Compensation Committee and was an advocate for strengthening the voice of our associations through the combination. I am thrilled with the collaborative success of our new Staff Association.

Having served in both Classified and Exempt positions, I have a unique perception to advocate for specific needs and to celebrate the unique talents and skillset of each employee. Together, we are DIXIE! Conquer on!

Communications Officer (2 year term) – The Communications Officer will keep the SA Website current, including all approved minutes published, proofread communications distributed by SA as needed and maintain the SA email list. Vote for one.

Candi Pierce

Hi, I am Candi Pierce; I work in Business Services by providing support for analysis, and implementation of subsystems, translate functional specifications into technical specifications, write reports, trouble shoot problems, and update the web pages for Business Services.

I have been serving as the Communication Officer for the last two years. It has been a fun position that has allowed me to get to know people across the campus. I have enjoyed updating the web site, serving on committees, and attending meetings to see how I can help make a difference at DSU. The best part of serving on the Staff Association board is being able to recognize employees that go above and beyond their regular duties to help others out – you guys are awesome. I love my job and feel that I would continue to represent the staff well as the Communication Officer.

Doug Sainsbury

I’m Douglas Sainsbury, the Biology and Pre-professional Advisor on campus. For the past 5 years here at DSU I’ve been able to build relationships with community partners (Intermountain Health Care, SoftCell Biological, DxNA and Stanford University) to provide opportunities for our students to succeed. As part of the Staff Association leadership I’d be able apply my relationship building skill set to help our organization build upon the successes of the past and chart new avenues in our future.

Tiffany Draper

I have been a part of Dixie for many years, first as a student, then as an adjunct English instructor, and most recently as an Assistant Director in the Student Success Center over New Student Orientation, Family Programs, and Early Alert. I have had the opportunity to work with nearly every department on campus, and it has been so much fun getting to know all of the amazing people who work so hard to make Dixie amazing. I would be super excited to serve on the staff association as the communications officer. My master’s degree is in English with an emphasis in professional writing, so I would love to utilize and practice my skills in helping to further the growth and development of Dixie State University’s employees through the staff association. Instead of silently correcting grammar, I could help to communicate the events, activities, and mission of DSU’s Staff Association. Thank you for the consideration!

Treasurer (2 year term)

Lisa Howard

Hello! I am Lisa Howard. I work for the Business Services Department in the Loan Office. My duties include the Tuition Payment Plan, Perkins Loan and Collections. With my nearly five years with DSU, I have over 17 years of accounting experience.
Before moving to St. George, I lived in rural Alaska. Outside my responsibilities of my businesses, life involved volunteering in the schools, church and community as well as recreational activities such as four-wheeling, snow machining, camping and hunting.

I would be honored to serve on the Staff Association Board as Treasurer. I believe it is important to have the staff well represented as Dixie State University continues to grow and I would like to be a part of the positive changes that are occurring to make DSU the best it can be.

Misty Frisbey

Roberta Cole

I have had the privilege of serving as DSU Staff Association Treasurer for the past year as we made the transition from two separate associations to one single association. I would like to continue serving as Treasurer as I feel that I have more to contribute, especially in raising funds for the DSU Staff Association Part-time Employee Scholarship. I successfully raised $200 of one-time donations at the President’s Fall BBQ. I would love the opportunity to continue my efforts in building the amount donated through payroll deductions of all employees at DSU, faculty included. In this way, we will be able to increase the amount of the scholarship, award more than one scholarship, as the contributions are not one-time donations and we will not be dependent on the one-time fund raisers to increase the amount of scholarship(s) we can award. I graduated from Dixie State University with my Bachelors in English, Literary Studies Emphasis. I then continued my education and completed my Masters of Business Administration, Management and Strategy Emphasis. I have worked at Dixie State in the Financial Aid Office for 12 1/2 years and have been a COOP instructor for the past few years and am now teaching a Student Success Class each fall. In addition to helping students apply for and receiving federal financial aid, I am also responsible for managing the federal and private student loan programs and reconciling the private loan account. I have also been heavily involved in planning, budgeting, and tracking expenses for training conferences, for the Utah Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (UASFAA) and Rocky Mountain Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (RMASFAA). I personally understand the value that associations have for its members not only in the area of training but also advocacy and the community as a whole.

Board Member; 4 Openings (2 year term) – A board member will serve as a member of the Executive Board, act under the direction of the President, and will chair or co-chair an SA committee. Vote for four.

Alesha Allen

Allen Fox

Hello everyone. I graduated from Dixie twice: once with an associate of science and the second time with my bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology. I was also a part-time student employee during my education. After graduation, I worked for Utah Education Network at the University of Utah, and went back to school and earned a master’s degree in Information Systems. I am now the Director of Network Services and I lead the department that keeps the network, wireless, and phones working on campus.

As the university has grows so does the workload. I am concerned that we are trying to meet this increased load without the help of additional staff. Compensation is also a point of concern, I am grateful that HR and leadership are working on this. I value professional development and would like to see more opportunities for everyone. I appreciate the confidence others have shown by nominating me to be a Board Member of the Staff Association.

Arlene Sewell

Bev Clark

Hi, my name is Bev Clark and I will soon complete my 5th year working in the Disability Resource Center at DSU. I was born in St George and raised in Southern Nevada so I was happy when my husband and I moved our family here. We have called St George home for the last 20 years and love it. Raising our 7 kids in St George has been a huge blessing in our lives and we truly enjoy the active lifestyle we lead.

The past 3 years I have had the opportunity of serving on different committees within the CSA and Staff Association. I have enjoyed getting to know the amazing individuals I have worked with and would be honored to be considered for a board member position.

Brookanna Alford

I was born and raised in St George, Utah. I left town to study languages at Brigham Young University and have adventures in the wide world, but I couldn’t stay away and returned to St George in 2011. I taught ESL at Southwest Adult High School for three semesters, but I decided that pedagogy should be left to people who enjoy it. I am currently the stacks and reserve manager in the Dixie State University Library, and I spend my free time running, studying Korean, and reading all the books. I own 139 books and 11 DVDs. If I could start my life over, I would be a ballerina, a Buddhist monk, or the bassist in a jazz duo. I have only been to Disneyland once, and I was definitely an adult, and definitely still went on the teacup ride. I would like to on the board of the Staff Association in order to relationships with people in different departments on campus and try to contribute to a positive campus-wide culture.

Cameron Draper

My name is Cameron Draper and I work at Dixie State University as the Audio/Video and Surveillance Administrator. I have worked at Dixie since 2010 where I started as a student employee working as the Lead A/V tech until I was hired full time in July of 2013. I have loved my time at Dixie and I enjoy the comradery that I feel with everyone I work with. It is my hope that, if I am elected I will be able to give back some of the great experiences I have had to others as well as help foster more comradery between the various groups at DSU. I also have a desire to help in directing the future of Dixie as we progress forward, I want to be involved in the activates and decision making to make Dixie a better place to work and get an education.

Cheryl Brandt

My name is Cheryl Brandt and I have been employed at Dixie State University for the past 8 years in the Career Center. My husband and I have 4 children who have all received degrees from Dixie State. I truly enjoy all aspects of my job but I think the favorite part of my job is the interaction that I have with the students as I help them find employment that allows them to continue their education. We have a great team in the career center that enjoy each other’s company and helping each other any way that we can. I would hope that as a board member, I can bring some of that camaraderie to the entire staff at the University. As we develop ways to get to know each other better, we will be able to make each of our departments work together more cohesively as one unit serving the greater cause of the students here at the University. If I should be fortunate enough to be elected to the board, I will do my best to broaden this feeling to all those that are employed here at Dixie State.

Debi Roth-Carrillo

Hi, I’m Debi Roth-Carrillo, the Landscape Supervisor here at Dixie State University. Working on campus for the past 2 years with such a diverse group of students and staff has been truly fun and energizing. I especially enjoy being a part of the staff association and helping make the work environment and camaraderie at DSU even better!

As a grounds manager; I’ve heard many people say that it doesn’t take much skill to mow lawns or pull weeds, but I believe the outside of a building is the first impression one gets on how things are on the inside, and it takes a special landscaping team to really make the outward appearance shine. To me, curb appeal is equivalent to wearing a smile on your face!

I’ve lived in St. George for 5 years, having moved from Draper, Utah in 2013. I have 3 kids and 6 grandkids and have been a landscaper for the past 35 years. Prior to moving here; I was the supervisor at Primary Children’s and before that co/owner with my brother of a small garden center, Roth Gardens & Landscaping. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, photography and oil painting in my spare time.

Emily Sharp

When people ask me if I enjoy my job, I always answer that I love my job because of the amazing people I work with. Amazing staff can make or break a job, and the staff here at DSU definitely make my job.

I have been the academic advisor in the Department of Education for almost two years. I am a red and yellow personality. Work hard, play hard. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education in 2007. I earned my Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in Educational Psychology in 2016. If you ask me whether I cheer for the Cougars or the Utes, I will call out, “Go Trailblazers!” My husband and I have three children ages 10, 8, and 5. We love to play games, watch movies, go on walks, take family vacations, bake desserts, and sleep in on weekends when there are not kids’ soccer, football, or baseball games. I would be honored to represent you on the Staff Association Board. Your priorities would be my priorities. Vote for Pedro! I mean … vote for Emily!

Jeff Earl

Jessica White

My name is Jessica and I am thrilled to be nominated as a Board Member on the Staff Association. For those of you that don’t know me here are a few quick facts:

  • I am a born and raised Utahn, and my love for Southern Utah runs deep.
  • I am married to my best friend, and together we have a cute little Sheltie named Sophie.
  • I love food and dine out way too often, but if you need advice on a great place to eat I’m your gal.

I went to Dixie State University for my undergraduate degree, worked as a student worker on campus, and now I am working as an Academic Advisor for the College of Business. I love that I have been able to enjoy Dixie State from multiple perspectives. It has given me a deep appreciation for this school and everyone who works to keep it chugging along. I would like to be part of the Staff Association because I believe that Staff are underrated. It would be my pleasure to advocate for all of the extremely hard working and talented individuals here on campus.

Leslie Twitchell

My name is Leslie Twitchell and I am the Administrative Assistant for the English Department. I am also graduating in May with an English degree. Working full-time and finishing my degree has not allowed me much time to do other things, and so I promised myself once I graduated I would become involved in more activities. I can’t remember what I did for fun before I went back to school, so I thought serving on the Staff Association board would be a great start! I think it’s important to get to know more of the staff around campus, and serving on the board will help me do that. I believe it is important the staff feels a camaraderie with one another, and understand that we’re here to help each other. I think the Staff Association can make that happen. I also really enjoy serving others and being involved in activities. I am honored to be nominated and I appreciate the opportunity to run for a board member position.

Matt Doxey

Matt Doxey is honored to be nominated to serve on the staff association board. Matt’s education and professional background is in Psychology, strengths coaching, training, advising and communications. He has held positions of leadership within his community for many years and continues to retain a deep passion for serving others. He currently holds the position of Retention Coordinator in the Multicultural and Inclusion Center and is always looking for opportunities to help students and staff reach their educational, professional and personal goals.

He has a great desire to listen to and advocate for all DSU staff. He has an innate ability to recognize and develop the strengths in others. He believes that employees need an opportunity to have the very best professional development opportunities. They need to feel welcomed, empowered, included and have the chance to do what they do best every day. If elected, he will work tirelessly to ensure this happens. “Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.” – Unknown Author

Rachel Harris

Hello! I have worked at DSU as an Academic Advisor for one year and have loved being a part of the progress that is taking place. I advise in the College of Health Science for the Respiratory Therapy, Medical Radiography, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Surgical Technology programs. After coming back to work, I began working on my M.S. in Academic Advising from Kansas State University. The Staff Association has a vital role of representing staff needs and perspectives. This nomination is exciting because it provides me the opportunity to become more involved. As a staff member I have enjoyed the different stress relieving and social events provided by the Staff Association. It is important that we all come out of our offices every now and then to get to know each other so we can work together more efficiently and effectively- and to have fun! I have four children- two girls and two boys- that are the light of my life. Together we enjoy hiking, biking, and enjoying the beautiful southern Utah landscape and weather. We have lived in St. George for almost three years and I don’t know if I will ever leave! Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. I look forward to getting to know all of you as well!

Sheila Cannon

My name is Sheila Cannon. I have worked at Dixie for over twenty years and am running as a candidate for board member on the Staff Association. Over the years, I have had the privilege of serving in various capacities on the board of the original Staff Association and previous Classified Staff Association. I have enjoyed providing service to staff and the institution.

The Staff Association plays a vital role on campus, providing acknowledgement of staff concerns and finding resolutions to problems, as well as providing recognition for staff contributions on campus. Never in the history of my service at DSU, have we had such strong support from the President of this institution; therefore, I wish to continue the momentum and play a vital role in this great work.

Spencer Chatland

My name is Spencer Chatland. I am a husband, father of three. One daughter and two sons. I am a student at DSU. I am a full time custodian at the Taylor building. I am also known as Sergeant Chatland, a Para Trooper and fueling NCO with the 19th GSB ACO Army National Guard. I have served in this capacity for eight years. I am a member of the LDS church and this is relevant because I love to serve. I served an honorable full time mission to Scotland from October 2007-2009. I talk about Scotland or Scottish people and stuff every day; so be warned, I love Scotland and all things associated with it. I live to serve and it is nearly the only thing in my life that brings me lasting joy. Seeing that I can make small differences enables me and helps me feel a strong sense of kinship with all I come in contact with. I have been blessed with much and wish to always give back to anyone I can. I don’t know entirely what it means to be part of the Staff association but if I am elected then I will work hard and serve as much as possible. Thank you for your consideration and for all you do.

Tyson Pulsipher

Thank you for the opportunity to run for a board member position; I am honored to have been nominated. By way of introduction, I grew up just down the road in Mesquite and have lived within a 50-mile radius of St. George my entire life. Though I attended college at a certain unnamed institution up the road, I have since seen the light and am fully converted to the Dixie Spirit! I began my position at Dixie in October 2013 as the Coordinator of Conferences & Workshops. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to accept more responsibility and currently serve as the Director of Community & Continuing Education.
I have felt at home at DSU since day one and have enjoyed getting to know and work with many staff members across campus. I have been especially impressed by the work and initiatives the Staff Association has accomplished over the past few years. I feel they truly strive to make a great place to work even better. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to this great work and, if selected, will give it my best.

Sheila Woodden

Hi! My name is Sheila Woodden and I have had the privilege of working at Dixie State University since August of 2015. I started at the Ticket Office with Michael Garcia and Jodi Simkins as a ticket seller and scanner and whatever else they handed me to do and have loved working all the events from Docutah, to sporting events, to major concerts and seeing the excitement that these events bring to the community, students and other staff members. Watching how DSU has changed and grown has been enjoyable and I am thrilled to have now moved into the position of support staff in 2017 where I get to work with the students helping them learn and grow as employees. It is an honor to be nominated for the Staff Association and I cannot wait to begin this new journey!