SA Committees

SA Committees


Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition is dedicated to:

  • Improving staff members’ sense of validation for their contributions to DSU by establishing regular recognition through staff awards (employee(s) of the semester and year and mini trailblazer awards).
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and promote the recognition of staff members by enhancing inclusion and equality through a fair and regular selection process for employee of the semester and year nominations.



Compensation is dedicated to:

  • Studying issues such as salary, benefits and workload, as well as any unmet needs of the staff and campus community.
  • Striving to improve the working conditions, benefits, salaries and professional status of staff as they help to fulfill the university mission.
  • Fostering good employee morale and work experiences for all DSU staff.


Dixie Development Day

Dixie Development Day is dedicated to:

  • Supporting DSU’s strategic plan efforts that relate to staff professional development and collaborating with the Human Resources Department on these initiatives.
  • Planning the keynote speaker, breakout sessions, presenters, registration, marketing, catering, and volunteers.


Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is dedicated to:

  • Promoting a climate where faculty and staff can become more engaged in healthy lifestyle behaviors through health and wellness resources, information, programs, and services.
  • Working together with the Health & Counseling Center to provide services that staff and faculty desire.



Legislative is dedicated to:

  • Working with UHESA’s legislative goals to push for cost of living increases across higher education.
  • Being a respected voice with the Utah Legislature on issues that are affecting higher education.
  • Encouraging staff involvement in the legislative process, increasing political activity with local State Representatives.
  • Informing SA members on legislative action that is important to DSU staff.


Policy Steering

Policy Steering is dedicated to:

  • Representing the SA Board on the University Policy Steering Committee.
  • Providing the SA Board with updates and information about policies affecting staff and campus.
  • Supporting the policy development process.
  • Assisting the University Policy Steering Committee.


Professional Development

Professional Development is dedicated to:

  • Supporting DSU’s strategic plan efforts that relate to staff professional development and collaborating with the Human Resources department on these initiatives
  • Identifying, offering, and supporting funding opportunities through the SA budget to supplement the costs of professional development activities for staff through an application-based process
  • Providing professional development opportunities and educating staff on the current process and opportunities available
  • Recommending University policy and procedure updates related to staff professional development



Scholarship is dedicated to:

  • Aiding in fund raising and awareness of the SA Scholarship Fund
  • Advertise and collect scholarship applications
  • Select scholarship recipient(s) based on the scholarship restrictions in an objective and nondiscriminatory basis
  • Balance scholarship account



Service is dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of service opportunities on campus and in the community
  • Creating hands-on community service projects, such as the Children’s Justice Center drive
  • Giving staff the opportunity to participate in a broad continuum of volunteer and fundraising activities that meet the needs and values of the campus and community


Welcome & Mentoring

Welcome & Mentoring is dedicated to:

  • Orientating new staff to the culture of DSU in order to help them be successful
  • Inviting and promoting staff association events to new employees
  • Pair new staff hired with an experienced staff mentor

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Events is dedicated to:

  • Visiting all new staff employees. Visits will be made throughout the year. Visits include information about SA, a small DSU token, and tour of the SA website.
  • Encouraging interaction and collaboration between staff. During events, we honor/recognize SA member achievements, welcome new members, present/disseminate information and EAT!